Обложка книги Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President

Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President

ISBN: 0060736704;
Издательство: Regan Books
Страниц: 272

A renowned Washington, DC-based psychoanalyst examines George W. Bush's public persona-and asks serious questions about whether he is fit for the office he holds. In Bush On the Couch , Dr. Justin Frank, a renowned Washington, DC-based psychoanalyst, assembles a comprehensive psychological profile of President George W. Bush. Using the principles of Applied Psychoanalysis, the discipline of psychoanalysing public and historical figure pioneered by Freud, Frank fearlessly builds his case, which concludes with a most disturbing diagnosis. With an eye for the subtleties of human behaviour sharpened through thirty years of clinical practice, Dr. Frank traces the development of Bush's character from childhood to present day, identifying and analysing Bush's patterns of thought, behaviour and communication. A thorough and authoritative examination of Bush's public appearances and speeches, along with historical, biographical, and journalistic records, Bush On the...