Обложка книги Indianapolis Then and Now (Then & Now Thunder Bay)

Indianapolis Then and Now (Then & Now Thunder Bay)

ISBN: 1592232086;
Издательство: Thunder Bay Press
Страниц: 144

Explore Indianapolis, the vibrant heartland home of 790,000 people, with this visual journey through the past and present of America's 12th largest city. In 1820, Indiana statesmen gathered to plan a new state capital to be built on centrally located undeveloped lowland. Historic photographs placed side-by-side with current views of the same locations provide a visual tour of the beautiful city that began to flourish in the late 18th century. Included are perspectives on historic landmarks as well as modern sites such as Monon Trail and Circle Centre. Some of the historic sites pictured are the Indiana Statehouse, the Sailors and Soldiers Monument, Lockerbie Square, and the Federal Building. Lifelong Indianapolis native, Nelson Price, provides the lively and informative text.