Обложка книги Nikon D70s/D70 (Magic Lantern Guides)

Nikon D70s/D70 (Magic Lantern Guides)

ISBN: 1579906184;
Издательство: Lark Books
Страниц: 240

Digital SLRs are the hottest cameras on the market, and Nikon’s interchangeable lens, D70, is one of the best, delivering superb image quality at an excellent price. Make the most of its many capabilities with this guide to all the fundamentals, plus information not even covered in the camera’s instruction manual. With the Magic Lantern at hand, photographers at all levels will find it extremely easy to master the exclusive selection of new features that distinguish this revolutionary model, and to work with digital technology. From handling the lenses to coordinating the camera with the computer, from taking a basic picture to understanding different file formats and resolution, it’s all here.

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