Обложка книги The Photographer's Guide to Composition (Photographer's Guide)

The Photographer's Guide to Composition (Photographer's Guide)

ISBN: 1843401703;
Издательство: Collins & Brown
Страниц: 160

John Freeman, the prize-winning author of Practical Photography , uses helpful diagrams, screen grabs, and more than 250 of his own dramatic, eye-catching images to help photographers master the elusive art of composition. Starting with simple, easy-to-grasp geometric principles, his comprehensive guide illustrates the right and wrong way to frame a scene or take a portrait. With the aid of exemplary landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, and model shots, explore how different lenses, filters, and lighting affect composition, and see how to apply all the detailed techniques to both film and digital photography. There’s also an explanation of how to improve a picture’s composition through digital manipulation, including adding backgrounds, as well as practical help in correcting distortions caused by the camera lens.