Обложка книги Vanishing Africa: A Photographer's Journey

Vanishing Africa: A Photographer's Journey


ISBN: 8854400068; 9788854400061;
Издательство: White Star
Страниц: 504

A dead branch of the Rift Valley, worn hills and plains beaten by the relentless sun, this is the region that spreads around the valley of the Omo River. The wild and remote southern region of Ethiopia only appeared on maps little over a century ago when the first European explorers discovered there a mosaic of ethnic groups. These are peoples that have remained isolated for centuries and that have retained their cultures and customs intact to the present day-peoples like the Surma, Mursi, Karo and many more. By examining a region in the heart of the Black Continent, the book attempts to trace the roots of remotest Africa: the cradle of man, where ancestral bonds with nature still exist. By means of his camera and his pen, in this book the authors have encapsulated long years of study of the peoples and ethnic groups of this continent, in search of vanishing Africa.