Обложка книги Berlin Then And Now (Then & Now)

Berlin Then And Now (Then & Now)

ISBN: 1592234089;
Издательство: Thunder Bay Press (CA)
Страниц: 144

Hitler's ascendancy and defeat transformed a stable, confident Berlin into a ruined city, fractured by post-WWII political divisions. Only with the 1989 destruction of the Wall and the subsequent Unification Treaty did Berlin begin to regain its cosmopolitan standing as one of the world's great cities. With highlights that include then and now images of the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, and Checkpoint Charlie, one can experience the tumultuous events of the city's modern history through archival and contemporary photography. This historical look at Berlin's ever-changing fortunes is a must-have for WWII history buffs, and offers a rare glimpse into the city's fascinating metamorphosis.

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