Обложка книги Botanica


ISBN: 0821261738; 9780821261736;
Издательство: Bulfinch
Страниц: 156

A breathtaking collection of close-up flower photographs in the tradition of Mapplethorpe and Penn, with an intensity and beauty that is uniquely Schatz. In BOTANICA, award-winning photographer Howard Schatz puts an entirely new twist on the age-old tradition of depicting flowers in art. The flowers in BOTANICA emanate colors and textures so rich that youll be tempted to lift them off the page. Some of the close-up images are eye-popping in their extreme detail, while others are kaleidoscopic compositions of synesthetic color. From the exoticangels trumpets, passionflowers, and pincushionsto the familiarlilies, roses, and begoniasthe flowers Schatz photographs have never looked quite like this before, and yet it is their natural beauty that shines through every page of this sumptuous, oversize volume. Annotations at the back of the book, accompanied by miniature reproductions of the full-page plates, identify each variety and provide both common and Latin names. Schatzs unique...