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James R. Smith

San Francisco's Lost Landmarks (California/Old West)

Обложка книги San Francisco's Lost Landmarks (California/Old West)

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ISBN: 1884995446
Издательство: Word Dancer Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 236
People who recall San Francisco's prior days bemoan that it just isn't the same... and they're right. San Francisco will always remain one of the world's great cities, but yesterday's San Francisco, with it's personalized style and charm, had no rival. With long-forgotten stories and evocative photographs, San Francisco's Lost Landmarks showcases the once-familiar sites that have faded into dim memories and hazy legends. Not just a list of places, facts, and dates, this pictorial history shows why San Francisco as been a legendary travel destination and one of the world's premier places to live and work for more than one hundred and fifty years. It not only tells of the lost landmarks, but also serves up the flavor of what it was like to experience these past treasures.