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Sudan: The Land And the People

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ISBN: 029598533X;
Издательство: Acadia Editions
Страниц: 336

Sudan: The Land and the People presents the whole of Africa's largest country. Nearly one-third the size of the United States, Sudan sprawls over more than one million square miles. Here for more than a thousand years Arabs and Africans have collided and blended to produce people who share a turbulent history and rich cultural heritage. Arab and African alike divide into tribes. More than 350 unique languages, customs, and artistic traditions combine to form the ethnic patchwork of Africa's most diverse country. Internatonally renowned photographer Michael Freeman traveled the lenght and breadth of Sudan to capture these extraordinary photos of modern Sudan. Sudanese diversity begins with its geography. Deserts, salt-washed seacoast, riverine and forest lushness, rock and hill and dry wash, lake and stream, rapids and cascades all catch the eye and challenge human resource. Sudan's richness is not only in its water, minerals, and oil, but in its ethnic and cultural mixture. Its...

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