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Among Wild Horses: A Portrait of the Pryor Mountain Mustangs

Обложка книги Among Wild Horses: A Portrait of the Pryor Mountain Mustangs

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ISBN: 158017633X
Издательство: Storey Publishing, LLC
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 144
Wild horses roaming free under the big skies of Montana and Wyoming. The image is a powerful symbol both of the nobility of the horse and of the pioneer spirit of the American West. But do these wild creatures really still exist? They do, and they’re here in panoramic photographs that reveal the animals in all their majesty. In the Pryor Mountains, ranging along the state line between Montana and Wyoming, there lives a band of wild horses — the Pryor Mountain Mustangs — descended from the original Spanish horses brought over by the Conquistadores. These wild relatives of equine royalty live, browse, roam, challenge, fight, and mate much as they have for hundreds of years. Here is the extraordinary photographic journal of the three years Lynne Pomeranz spent studying, admiring, and photographing these magnificent animals. The inner lives and relationships of 25 horses emerge in intimate photographs accompanied by stirring text. Witness the dramatic...