Обложка книги Big Sky: Wild West Panorama

Big Sky: Wild West Panorama

ISBN: 1554071763;
Издательство: Firefly Books
Страниц: 160

A personal celebration of the American West by one of its finest photographers and authors. Distilled from more than two decades of exploration, Tim Fitzharris' Big Sky captures beautiful panoramas rarely matched in majesty and diversity. Big Sky includes tinted canyons, cactus-studded deserts, ice-capped mountains, rumpled badlands, the misty beaches of the Pacific and a limitless expanse of prairie wildflowers. These are images that reflect the still heart of America's native wilderness. Fitzharris opens Big Sky with personal observations on photographing the American West and then presents a retrospective of his photographs, organized by region: High Plains Canyon lands Rocky Mountains Sierra Nevada Southern deserts Pacific coast. For each of these six sections there is an introduction to the landscape, followed by 12 plates for a total of 72 panoramas. ...