Обложка книги Cats of Africa: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation

Cats of Africa: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation

ISBN: 0801884829;
Издательство: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Страниц: 176

Africa's wild cats have long been a focus of fascination and intrigue among travelers and wildlife lovers. Alongside the big three -- lion, leopard, and cheetah -- Africa is home to another seven species of cats: the caracal, serval, African wildcat, black-footed cat, African golden cat, jungle cat, and sand cat. With photographer Gerald Hinde's stunning, crisp, graphic images, Luke Hunter presents a comprehensive overview of the entire cat family in Africa -- the only place on Earth where sightings of wild cats are a regular occurrence. He discusses in detail feline anatomy, predation and hunting strategies, social systems, competition and conflict, and conservation and threats, offering the reader the most current research and findings. From the famous and popular African parks with their celebrated, safari-friendly felines, to the few remaining places on the continent uninhabited by humans, Cats of Africa offers superb and exciting images of the animals from a...