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Nino Migliori

Endenflowers: 1985 - 2005

Обложка книги Endenflowers: 1985 - 2005

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ISBN: 8889431180
Издательство: Damiani
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 60
Nino Migliori helped define postwar Italian photography, but his own work, which is varied, visually inventive and technically innovative, can be hard to categorize. This series of altered Polaroids are all of the above--they are created by A¬Polapressure,A® which is to intervene during the development of a Polaroid with spatulas and sharp points, influencing its texture and composition in gestures--and with results--not unlike painting. The techniqueA­s dreamy, half-real, half-fictional look is ideal for art about a mythical place, earthly paradise.