Обложка книги James Archambeault's Historic Kentucky

James Archambeault's Historic Kentucky

ISBN: 0813124204;
Издательство: University Press of Kentucky
Страниц: 153

"Landscape photography, in a time such as ours when the disappearance of subjects can be unnaturally accelerated, thus becomes extraordinarily poignant and telling. James Archambeault, roaming through Kentucky, photographing its human and natural landscapes, has been working as both a historian and an elegist."--Wendell Berry, from the foreword Renowned photographer James Archambeault has the rare ability to capture the historic, archival, and artistic aspects of his photographic subjects. His award-winning craft is evident in the careful selection of time, season, and subjects in his beloved Kentucky. In his new book, he preserves the landscapes, buildings, and sights of old Kentucky as many of them fall into neglect, become irreversibly altered, or disappear completely. In addition to his text on the early settlement of Kentucky, Archambeault explains the historic and cultural significance of each the full-color photographs. Some of his subjects are well-preserved historic...