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Barbara Thornburg

L. A. Lofts

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ISBN: 0811851729
Издательство: Chronicle Books
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 192
In New York, London, and even Rio de Janeiro, lofts are synonymous with minimalism. But in Los Angeles, the world's dream factory, lofts are as colorful and creative as the city itself. L.A. Lofts showcases 20 original and enigmatic interiors housed in both converted warehouse spaces and newly constructed sites in upscale neighborhoods. The common denominator? Each is a reflection of the owner's idiosyncratic personal style. A 30-foot upholstered bar stands in for a kitchen counter, while a former bank safe becomes a cozy bedroom. Some residents challenge the very definition of a loft space, styling their dwellings after a Shaker farmhouse or a dojo, the traditional Japanese warrior's residence, all the while reveling in the open space and flexibility a loft offers. Each chapter also features a unique project for the home, such as refurbishing vintage picture frames or creating a luxurious silk tent-like bed. L.A. Lofts is an irresistible object itself, featuring a...