Обложка книги Living with Pugs

Living with Pugs

ISBN: 0789313995;
Издательство: Universe
Страниц: 192

The pug has incomparable allure and is one of the world's ten most popular breeds. However, behind those mournful eyes lurks a mischievous fireball of a dog that has regal self-confidence. This lavishly illustrated yet amusing book is a loving expos? of all things pug - from selecting the perfect puppy to making a proper entrance at the dog show. Along the way, the book is replete with charming photos pug-lovers will take to heart as well as the history and lore behind the breed (they are aristocratic dogs with a somewhat murky past, having arrived in Europe with Genghis Khan's cavalry). No other breed of dog has been so often immortalized in paintings and photographs and in verse and prose. The notables who have been bewitched by pugs include Queen Victoria, Jackie Onassis, and Andy Warhol. Beautiful, worshipful, and useful, this coffee-table book celebrates pugs in all their cuteness.