Обложка книги National Geographic: The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography

National Geographic: The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography

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ISBN: 0792262093;
Издательство: National Geographic
Страниц: 400

In addition to countless millions of conventional film cameras, digital cameras will be found in one out of every two American households this year. This authoritative guide provides a handy, all-in-one reference for photographers using either medium (or both), combining the practical know-how of more than 50 outstanding professional photographers with National Geographic's world-renowned tradition of excellence and expertise. The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography presents ten easy-to-read chapters exploring every aspect of the digital revolution. With straightforward explanations of both simple, all-but-foolproof equipment like inexpensive autofocus point-and-shoot cameras and of sophisticated, megapixel single lens reflex units boasting interchangeable lenses. It also covers important accessories; provides advice of all kinds, from key facts and basic tips for beginners to advanced techniques for skilled amateurs; and addresses the essentials of PhotoShop editing,...

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