Обложка книги North America the Beautiful (Journeys Through The World)

North America the Beautiful (Journeys Through The World)

ISBN: 8854401080; 9788854401082;
Издательство: White Star
Страниц: 320

In this awe-inspiring volume, award-winning nature photographer Galen Rowell takes us on an unforgettable photographic tour of North America, instilling in us a profound appreciation for our continent's enduring natural beauty. From California to Florida, from the Yukon Territory to the Mexican Mainland, and from Greenland to Hawaii and the Caribbean Islands, Rowell's photographs evoke the remarkable diversity of this continent's varied ecosystems. When viewed through Rowell's inspired lens, the fluted walls of Antelope Canyon in Arizona reveal gorgeous abstract configurations. The full moon sinking behind craggy peaks at sunrise creates an otherworldly landscape in Sierra Nevada. An Alaskan brown bear poised to snap up an airborne salmon and a flock of California seagulls gilded by the rays of the setting sun are just some of the unforgettable images in this book. Galen Rowell photographs convey not only his remarkable accomplishments as a photographer, but his supreme passion...