Обложка книги PugTherapy: Finding Happiness, One Pug at a Time

PugTherapy: Finding Happiness, One Pug at a Time


ISBN: 0767922042;
Издательство: Broadway
Страниц: 96

Elvis, Bert, Buddha, and Busta are four pure and not-so-purebred pugs living on Manhattan's Upper West Side. And even though they don't have a backyard, or even a mailman to chase, they're enjoying a dog's life - because they know that no matter how small you are or how funny your face might be, life always has plenty of treats in store. In this delightful book, Elvis and his coterie of pug friends offer a lesson in the art of PugTherapy - that is, the art of finding joy in life's simple pleasures, from first kisses to bubble baths. Whether it's a picnic in the park, a road trip with a friend, or a party dress that sets tails wagging, these everyday delights can chase away the blues and make you feel like Best in Show. With over thirty winsome photographs accompanied by charming, inspirational text, "PugTherapy: Finding Happiness, One Pug at a Time" gives you everything you need to reenter the puppy pageant of life - and find happiness, one pug at a time.

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