Обложка книги Roadside Relics: America's Abandoned Automobiles

Roadside Relics: America's Abandoned Automobiles

ISBN: 0760327483;
Издательство: Motorbooks
Страниц: 208

Abandoned junk to some, the rusty shells of vehicles are treasures to others, holding memories of a bygone era, or the promise of a pristinely restored, radically customized automobile. Here are the beautiful husks Shiers has found in U.S. fields and barns, shops and salvage yards. Divided into five categoriesGeneral Motors, Ford, Chrysler, independents, and special vehiclesthese wrecks and relics from 1910 to the 1970s come equipped with all the relevant information: history, model, location. And because few salvage yards today keep anything older than a 1980 vintage, many of these cars have been lost to the metal crusher. The most comprehensive and beautifully photographed collection of abandoned cars ever published, this volume preserves for all time the exquisite skeletons of American automotive might.