Обложка книги The World's Wild Places

The World's Wild Places

ISBN: 1554072026;
Издательство: Firefly Books
Страниц: 224

A stunning presentation of a decade-long journey in the world's remaining wilderness. There is and can be no price placed on wilderness. A handful of super-rich individuals like Bill Gates have bought vast tracts of remote land in a bid to capture and preserve the experience of the wilderness. This is not enough, however, and most of humankind now realizes that the value of wilderness is well beyond any price. This large-format book from Colin Prior records his 10-year journey through wilderness areas across the globe. His panoramic photography and personal journey provide an unforgettable story of the world's quickly disappearing wild places. The searing sands of the Namib, the oxygen-starved Atacama desert, the gargantuan splendor of Utah's Monument Valley, the remote vastness of Torres del Paine, the ethereal beauty of Norway's Lofoten Islands -- all the great wild places are portrayed in this book as never before, and perhaps for the last time. ...