Обложка книги Three Gorges

Three Gorges

ISBN: 0972427902;
Издательство: Flat Edge Press
Страниц: 150

In the heart of central China lie the Three Gorges, a series of majestic canyons through which flows the Yangtze River. In 2003 the Three Gorges Dam began flooding this area creating a reservoir the length of Lake Superior, covering hundreds of square miles of land and displacing 2 million people. Controversial in almost every aspect from its conception to its construction to the corruption associated with the resettlement program, the dam is the largest in the world and perhaps the most destructive and most dangerous. From 2001 to 2003 photographer Bill Zorn made multiple visits to the area now flooded, carrying large format camera gear and staying in tiny villages and farmer's homes. His black and white images capture in exquisite detail the soul of a people wrenched into the 21st century and a landscape lost forever. The 65 beautifully reproduced duotone images are complemented by an introduction by Dai Qing, a Chinese journalist with the courage to go to prison for her...