Обложка книги Travel and Photography: Off the Charts

Travel and Photography: Off the Charts

ISBN: 0240808150;
Издательство: Focal Press
Страниц: 182

'On assignment in Havana, Cuba, I heard music. It was across the street and far away. I couldnt track down the source. As I got closer, the echo was bouncing off the tall buildings. It was amazing. Running back and forth I eventually got someones attention. He led me on a dead run into one of Old Havanas famous condemned historical landmarks. I thought it was abandoned. Upon entering the lobby, I found it totally dark in the middle of the day. No light at all. My guide ran up the stairs with me in close pursuit. The circular staircase wound round and round. But soon I hit something. Hard. Since it was so black I had no idea the staircase was full of people. I couldnt see a thing. I panicked. But I always carry a small flashlight on my key chain. I was able to stumble safely the several flights up to the band rehearsing on the top floor. Great photographs.' travel + PHOTOGRAPHY is loaded with beautiful photographs showing you the "how-to's" of travel...

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