Обложка книги Twilight: Photography in the Magic Hour

Twilight: Photography in the Magic Hour


ISBN: 1858943531;
Издательство: Merrell
Страниц: 160

Twilight's otherworldly and alchemical qualities have long attracted artists, but for photographers, who are particularly attuned to the subtleties of light, it is an especially significant time. This book draws together the work of contemporary photographers who have explored the visual and psychological effects of the transition from day to night. It examines their technically ambitious attempts to record or replicate the rapid and transient effects of daylight succumbing to darkness, and analyses the mysterious states of mind and awakened sensibilities these works suggest, at the threshold between the familiar and the unknown. In placing the photographs in their broader historical, literary, meteorological and technical contexts, Twilight reveals the timeless allure of the magic hour.

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