Обложка книги Fall: Photographs

Fall: Photographs


ISBN: 1576872262;
Издательство: powerHouse Books
Страниц: 80

The idea for Fall came to photographer Christopher Griffith while he was living in a Manhattan brownstone, finalizing the design for his first monograph, States (powerHouse Books, 2000). "It was mid-November," Griffith recalls, "and the ivy on the side of my building seemed to be literally glowing outside my window. I picked a single leaf off the vine and saw that, dependent upon the angle of light and the position of the leaf, I could see the most incredible texture and color through the leaf." Excited by this discovery, Griffith spent the next couple of days experimenting with how to capture it all onto film. That was four years ago. He has now perfected the technique of both photographing the foliage and getting them to his studio and on film before they wilt or turn brown, quite a feat as many of these fresh and delicate leaves were collected and transported personally by Griffith from hundreds of miles away. A hyper-macroscopic analysis of the color transformations characteristic...

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