Обложка книги Tribal Asia: Ceremonies, Rituals and Dress

Tribal Asia: Ceremonies, Rituals and Dress

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ISBN: 0500542856;
Издательство: Thames & Hudson
Страниц: 320

A stunning, large-format, photographic documentation of Asia's little-known tribal peoples. The peoples of tribal Asia and their customs can only be understood when we try to see the world through their eyes. Living in harmony with nature, they survive even in the most isolated regions, withstanding both the pressures of encroaching civilization and the destruction of their natural environment. The amazing variety in their clothing, jewelry, body painting, and other forms of personal adornment may reflect social status, keep away bad luck, or bring people closer to their gods or ancestors. Over fifteen years and many expeditions, Robert Schmid and Fritz Trupp have documented the customs and cultures of the forgotten tribes of Asia, from the Bedouins of southern Arabia to the nomadic Tsaatan of the Russian tundra, from isolated tribal groups in the Indian rainforests to the little-known ethnic peoples of south China. Explanations of rituals, ceremonies, and festivals,...