Обложка книги Barbados: an Island Portrait

Barbados: an Island Portrait

ISBN: 0333945964;
Издательство: MacMillan Caribbean
Страниц: 179

"The small island of Barbados, "the Rock" as it is affectionately called by those who cling to it... has long been recognized as a peculiar place that defies, if not description, at least explanation." So begins Peter Laurie's introduction to the work of Barbados's leading photographer, Mike Toy. Here his photos are collected for the first time, providing a fascinating and visually stunning portrait of the island and its people. Indeed, a real attempt is made to describe and explain some of the mysteries of this proud nation as well as shedding light on the future of what is undoubtedly the Caribbean's leading tourist destination. It depicts all the subtleties and complexities of a country inextricably linked to its past-a love of cricket being just one example-and how its people have successfully forged a unique Barbadian cultural identity loved all over the world. In this island portrait comprising over 160 images, Mike Toy takes us on a in-depth tour highlighting not only...

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