Обложка книги Intimate Vermont

Intimate Vermont

ISBN: 1584654082;
Издательство: University Press of New England
Страниц: 128

Vermont is one of the most photographed of the fifty states. Bordered on the east by the Connecticut River and on the northwest by Lake Champlain, famous for the spike of Green Mountains down its middle and its autumn colors and winter whites, Vermont is every photographer's dream. Because most books of Vermont photographs have focused almost exclusively on the state's stunning natural environment, they convey a landscape of great beauty but one in which, apart from the reliable changing of the seasons, not much happens. Photographs of the people of Vermont--and their animals, farms, schools, and churches--offer a much more complex story. For three hundred years, Vermonters have contended with a sometimes merciless natural environment--frigid winters and summers so dry that the corn never ripened. And although modern technologies help take the sting out of the worst that nature might provide, economic downturns continue to affect the livelihood of the many Vermonters still...

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