Обложка книги Looking for the Summer

Looking for the Summer

ISBN: 1589232321;
Издательство: Creative Publishing international
Страниц: 144

High-profile public persona creates instant name recognition for Jim Brandenburg. Brandenburg has appeared on PBS and other national television programs and his work has been reviewed in major consumer magazines and national newspapers. World-renowned photographer Jim Brandenburg once again uses the hidden world of his beloved northern woods as the setting for a daunting artistic challenge. From June 21st to September 21st, Jim spent each day capturing the spirit of the Northern Minnesota wilderness through his camera. At the end of each day, Jim edited the days shoot and picked the best shot to represent that days adventure. The resulting book literally teems with life. It is filled with the color and action of a pristine natural world during its most energetic season of the year. As always, Jim brings the photojournalists instinct for the critical moment to each photo. His is a style quite unlike any other nature or wildlife photographer.

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