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Small Wars: An-my Le

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ISBN: 1931788820;
Издательство: Aperture
Страниц: 128

In one of An-My Lan-My LA?'s photographs of American Marines training for Iraq in the Mojave desert, a group of barrels is marked with the phrase "Do Not Shoot." Obviously, the photographer didn't heed this warning, and the result is the most recent, timely series inof images in this compelling first monograph. Earlier photographs document a group of Vietnam War reenactors in South Carolina who, like their better-known Civil War counterparts, restage battles, training, and the daily life of soldiers. An-My LA? is part of a new crop of artists who merge documentary and landscape photography to explore history and current events with an emotional subtext and from a very personal point of view. Essay by Richard B. Woodward. Interview by Hilton Als. Hardcover, 11.75 x 8.75 in./128 pgs / 75 duotones.