Обложка книги Using History

Using History

ISBN: 3865211291; 9783865211293;
Издательство: Steidl Publishing
Страниц: 88

"Greta Pratt's extraordinary photographs give us glimpses of people and places that stimulate us to think about our history, not only of the great American West, but of the nation itself. Her point of view is delightfully antic and provocative. We want not only to enjoy the moment of our viewing, but also to study and ponder each photograph, challenged to find its larger meaning." --Howard Zinn Using History takes us on a tour of Americans celebrating their past. From giant buffalo and wigwam motels to George Washington and George Custer, Greta Pratt's wonderfully ironic photographs take an approach that is both affectionate toward her subjects yet sardonic about the larger implications of their actions. Essays by Rennard Strickland and Karal Ann Marling. hardcover, 10.9 X 11.0, 88 pgs, 65 color. "Greta Pratt spotted a brace of nine Abe Lincolns alongside their log cabin Winnebago somewhere in Kentucky not long ago. Like the troupes of Elvis impersonators?black, Latino,...

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