Обложка книги AFRICA: Flying High

AFRICA: Flying High

ISBN: 8854401072; 978-88-544-0107-5;
Издательство: White Star
Страниц: 640

An exciting addition to White Star's renowned aerial presentation series, this handsome, compact volume takes readers on a memorable trip over Africa, giving them a rare glimpse of its spectacular, diverse landscapes and wildlife. Photojournalist Paolo Novaresio shares with readers his love of Africa in a portfolio of photographs that transports us to a land that remains, in many ways, wild and untamed. He captured unparalleled pictures of animal herds, savannahs, deserts, and deep jungle by using various means of aerial transport, including a montgolfier, a helicopter, and a twin-engine plane. His unique photographic techniques showcase the topography, light, and color of an entire region at a glance. More than 550 color photographs reveal a hidden Africa that readers could never experience without the benefit of these stunning above-ground views. Among the regions and countries photographed are Northern Africa and the Sahara Desert, Central Africa, Tanzania, Niger, Congo, Kenya,...

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