Обложка книги Lonely Planet One People (Pictorials)

Lonely Planet One People (Pictorials)

ISBN: 1741790239;
Издательство: Lonely Planet Publications
Страниц: 281

One People illustrates this thought through a collection of glorious photographs, accompanied by thoughtful essays, that capture the universality of the human experience in the very different contexts of our diverse world. In this book we present people in all stages of our common life cycle, reflecting a moment, emotion, ritual, or intimacy that, be it mundane or extraordinary, is recognisable across cultures and language barriers. Regardless of nationality or beliefs, we share the joy of birth, the celebration of life's special moments, the need to find meaning in our lives, the strength to endure, the resilience to keep trying and the sorrow of death. And above all, we share a curiosity about other people that inspires us to travel and to seek them out. And it is travel that facilitates this understanding, connection and humanity in all of us, and illuminates the shared paths and crossroads in our many journeys.

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