Обложка книги New Orleans Bicycles

New Orleans Bicycles


ISBN: 0977985008;
Издательство: Mark Batty Publisher
Страниц: 128

New Orleans will forever exist in a post-Hurricane Katrina context. New Orleans' Bicycles features over 100 colorful and detailed photographs taken eighteen months prior to the disaster, as a way to showcase the city's category-defiant population. Though some of the bikes look as if they would crumble under the weight of a rider, and others have the carefully considered accouterments of an art object, every bike in the book was used on a daily basis. First and foremost, they are modes of transportation, enabled by the city's flat terrain and inspired by those who chose to live in a city that even prior to Hurricane Katrina was economically challenged, yet artistically rich. These photographs, and the accompanying text that lyrically meditates on the significance of the images, show the side of New Orleans that most visitors never saw; they are not about Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest; they are about a city and its residents. It is the power of these bikes scattered throughout the decaying...

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