Обложка книги Tuscany Flying High

Tuscany Flying High


ISBN: 8854401315;
Издательство: White Star
Страниц: 404

A welcome addition to White Star's renowned aerial presentation series, this handsome, compact volume takes readers on a spectacular journey over one of Italy's most beloved regions. These images reveal facets of Tuscany that are off-the-beaten track that readers could never experience without the benefit of these aerial views. From the lushness of its hillsides to the sapphire sea lapping at its shores, from the splendor of its world-famous monuments to the kaleidoscope of colors of its popular festivals, foods, and artistic treasures, more than 500 pictures in Tuscany: Flying High showcase the vitality and timeless beauty of this land. A superb souvenir for visitors to Italy or an enticing retreat for armchair travelers, this is an aerial adventure to be savored for years.

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