Обложка книги Financial Accounting: A Valuation Emphasis

Financial Accounting: A Valuation Emphasis

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ISBN: 0471203599; 978-0-471-20359-9;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Страниц: 592

Financial Accounting: A Valuation Emphasis integrates an understanding of valuation concepts with accounting principles. The authors place considerable emphasis on the economic consequences of accounting practices. You’ll develop a solid background in basic accounting processes and disclosures, and the critical role of accounting in valuation. The book Features Highlights the valuation and economic consequences of core accounting concepts. Emphasizes the construction of accounting information and how that information affects the value of the firm. Offers an inviting and accessible presentation, with real-world examples and transactions. Provides an early treatment of statement of cash flows and financial statement analysis. Illustrates key concepts, including valuation models through an integrated example of a hypothetical company. Helps you appreciate the significance of accounting information to managers,...

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