Обложка книги The Lakeside Company: Case Studies in Auditing (10th Edition)

The Lakeside Company: Case Studies in Auditing (10th Edition)


ISBN: 0131495615;
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Страниц: 160

The cases in The Lakeside Company are intended to create a realistic view of how an auditor organizes and conducts an audit examination. These cases provide a simulation that permits learners to put the abstract and difficult concepts of auditing into practice. Readers are guided through the various phases of an audit—from planning the audit to reporting. The situations outlined in this book are not particularly unusual, but rather, the kinds of problems that an auditor might face each day on the job. The realistic audit activities include: analyzing fraud risk factors, performing analytical procedures, preparing internal control flowcharts and narratives, preparing and reviewing audit documents (working papers), preparing audit programs and applying audit procedures, and preparing audit reports. For individuals interested in...

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