Обложка книги National Security Law 2nd Edition

National Security Law 2nd Edition

ISBN: 1594600236;
Издательство: Carolina Academic Press
Страниц: 1424

The academic field of national security law began more than three decades ago at the University of Virginia School of Law when Professor John Norton Moore recognized a need to prepare law students to deal with legal problems involving the national security of the United States and began offering a course entitled "law and national security." In 1981, the editors co-founded the Center for National Security Law (CNSL) at Virginia, and in 1990 the first edition of this landmark text was published. Since then, CNSL has run more than a dozen summer National Security Law Institutes to help prepare professors and government practitioners to teach or work in this growing new field, and courses dealing with national security law are being taught at most American law schools. This remarkable new edition includes contributions by more than two dozen scholars and practitioners from the United States and abroad, including a judge on the International Court of Justice, a former Director of the...

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