Обложка книги Right Before Our Eyes: Latinos Past, Present & Future

Right Before Our Eyes: Latinos Past, Present & Future

ISBN: 1592476562;
Издательство: Scholargy Publishing, Inc.
Страниц: 160

Right now, more than 40 million Latinos reside, work, and go to school in America. Between 2000 and 2010, it is estimated that Hispanics will account for close to 46% of this country's total population growth, making it the nation's largest minority group. For the first time in one readable source, RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES helps us to understand why Latinos are a growing and significant economic engine. Latinos and non-Latinos alike will have a vivid picture of the contributions, the changes, the near-and long-term impact that Latinos have had and will have on America at every level: history, business, arts and culture, politics and government, the judiciary, the military and every other major element that contributes to society. RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES provides a concise yet comprehensive history of Hispanic contributions to this country, all the way back to what was in truth the first "permanent" European settlement in America - which was not in Jamestown, but in St. Augustine,...

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