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Get Them On Your Side

ISBN: 1593372787;
Издательство: Adams Media Corporation
Страниц: 233

Learn how to mobilize support, improve efficiency, and get things done! Politics is an inevitable, legitimate, and even beneficial aspect of corporate and organizational life. Hard work and good ideas are not enough to ensure success-your ability to win allies and head off resistance is what really matters in today's corporate environment. If you don't garner support for your ideas, you could become an organizational casualty. Get Them on Your Side outlines how to: Assess allies and resistors Build coalitions Negotiate support Understand the agendas of others Get Them on Your Side , written by Samuel B. Bacharach-the McKelvey-Grant chair in the Department of Organizational Behavior at Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations-builds your political competence with fascinating illustrations from the worlds of business, government, academia, and nonprofit organizations. With Get Them on Your Side , you'll develop the...

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