Обложка книги Global Sociology: Introducing Five Contemporary Societies

Global Sociology: Introducing Five Contemporary Societies


ISBN: 0072997524; 9780072997521;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages
Страниц: 384

An effective supplement to any standard sociology text, this broad and comprehensive sociological description of five diverse contemporary societies with wide geographic distribution – Japan, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, and the Bushmen of Namibia – is organized around basic sociological topics: culture, social structure, and group life, socialization, deviance, social institutions, social stratification, and social change. Fictional vignettes of individuals in each country help students experience first-person viewpoints on life in five very different societies. By comparing other societies with their own, students read about the range of social variation, learn what makes their own society distinctive, and gain a unique and fascinating vantage point on what sociology offers in a world of rapid social change.

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