Обложка книги Six Sigma Execution

Six Sigma Execution

ISBN: 0071453644; 9780071453646;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Страниц: 224

Learn how GE, Allied Signal, Motorola, and other top companies created a Six Sigma organization In Executing Six Sigma , bestselling author George Eckes delivers lessons on how you can effectively incorporate Six Sigma into your organization's DNA and execute initiatives throughout the company. Detailing the business solutions and leadership skills needed to create a Six Sigma company, Eckes discusses: The characteristics of top Six Sigma leaders including Larry Bossidy, Jeff Immelt, and James McNerney, among others Guidelines for doing Six Sigma right from GE, Allied Signal, Motorola, 3M, and others Management dos and don'ts on everything from linking Six Sigma to the company's strategic goals to creating a Six Sigma culture

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