Обложка книги The Savvy Negotiator: Building Win/Win Relationships

The Savvy Negotiator: Building Win/Win Relationships

ISBN: 0275988007;
Издательство: Praeger Publishers
Страниц: 220

Life is a series of negotiations--from who will make the morning coffee to the landing of a multi-million-dollar contract. Each successful negotiation is a victory, but how is success measured? And after a negotiation is completed, what are the implications for the future? In The Savvy Negotiator, William Morrison addresses these questions in the context of two simple, but profound, ideas: (1) We negotiate to set the ground rules for a future relationship; (2) We negotiate to satisfy our needs. In other words, a negotiation is not simply a transaction, but an opportunity to develop a dynamic relationship; whatever the outcome, there will be future effects. If a negotiation is not designed to provide some benefit to the negotiator, there is no reason to engage. Morrison develops these themes against the backdrop of a general evolution in negotiation theory and practice--from an antagonistic WIN/LOSE approach to the more collaborative WIN/WIN approach. Through dozens of engaging...

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