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ISBN: 0618372520; 9780618372522;
Издательство: Houghton Mifflin Company
Страниц: 885

The Fifth Edition strengthens the connection between basic economic principles and students' lives by balancing an accessible, lively writing style with a unique pedagogical framework. Arranged according to the proven Fundamental Questions learning system, each chapter highlights 5-10 fundamental precepts through questions which appear at the beginning and are repeated in the margins to mark the relevant content. End-of-chapter summaries refer back to these questions to create a consistent framework of instruction. The text's internal Referencing System reinforces a hierarchy of ideas by designating a number for each section and subsection?cited consistently in Key Terms, end-of-chapter Summaries, and the supplements package. Pedagogical aids help students to understand and assimilate the material: Recaps provide a short list of main points; Key Terms are defined both in the text and the margins; and Exercises act as self-checks which...

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