Обложка книги Fortune: Secrets of Greatness

Fortune: Secrets of Greatness

ISBN: 1933405902; 978-1-933405-90-2;
Издательство: Time Inc Home Entertainment
Страниц: 240

Behind every great business leader is the story of how they got there, the right decisions they made, the lessons they learned, and the mentors who guided them.From the editors of Fortunemagazine comes The Secrets of Greatness, which captures the advice, wisdom and guiding principles that todays top CEOs and entrepreneurs live by in their careers and personal lives.Hear from the biggest names in business such as Jack Welch, Andy Grove, Peter Drucker, Meg Whitman, Michael Dell and others, as they recount how they learned to start up and run great companies, and also share the best advice theyve ever received. The Secrets of Greatness is filled with fascinating anecdotes, personal stories, and valuable lessons from many of the most recognized and respected business leaders.Based on their experiences and the key gems of wisdom they learned from friends, family, mentors and colleagues, The Secrets of Greatness is a valuable resource for people looking for success in business and in life.

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