Обложка книги In Pursuit of Shadows: A Career in Counterintelligence

In Pursuit of Shadows: A Career in Counterintelligence


ISBN: 1844016951;
Издательство: Athena Press Publishing Co.
Страниц: 208

Spies, espionage, intelligence, counterintelligence, clandestine activity and surveillance: these are not just the stuff of story books but incontrovertible facts of the world we live in, under threat of nuclear weapons, terrorist attacks on both sides of the Atlantic, political unrest, poverty driven crime. The list is endless and it is due to those who live in the shadows that we can rest easy in our beds. This personal and surprisingly open account offers a tantalizing glimpse into the everyday world of the counterintelligence officer practicing the skills vital to his survival; a world of deception, persuasion, instinct, innovation, experimentation and, to some extent, luck. Inevitably governed by politics, life is too often dictated, and therefore restricted, by directions from "on high" and inter-agency jealousy, but that is all just part of the "game". If you understand dead drops, microdots, moles and double agents, In Pursuit of Shadows will whet your appetite and allow you...

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