Обложка книги Jewish Ireland in the Age of Joyce: A Socioeconomic History

Jewish Ireland in the Age of Joyce: A Socioeconomic History

ISBN: 0691127190;
Издательство: Princeton University Press
Страниц: 320

James Joyce's Leopold Bloom--the atheistic Everyman of Ulysses , son of a Hungarian Jewish father and an Irish Protestant mother--may have turned the world's literary eyes on Dublin, but those who look to him for history should think again. He could hardly have been a product of the city's bona fide Jewish community, where intermarriage with outsiders was rare and piety was pronounced. In Jewish Ireland in the Age of Joyce , a leading economic historian tells the real story of how Jewish Ireland--and Dublin's Little Jerusalem in particular--made ends meet from the 1870s, when the first Lithuanian Jewish immigrants landed in Dublin, to the late 1940s, just before the community began its dramatic decline. In 1866--the year Bloom was born--Dublin's Jewish population hardly existed, and on the eve of World War I it numbered barely three thousand. But this small group of people quickly found an economic niche in an era of depression, and developed a surprisingly...

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