Обложка книги Money, Banking and Financial Markets

Money, Banking and Financial Markets


ISBN: 0324320035;
Издательство: South-Western College Pub
Страниц: 576

The Third Edition of MONEY, BANKING AND FINANCIAL MARKETS, by Roger LeRoy Miller and David VanHoose, is the first text in its field to fully integrate coverage of international financial markets and the global economy from the outset. Since the First Edition, this market leading text has brought money and banking up-to-date by providing complete coverage of topics that are important to the twenty-first century world of money and banking. The authors give considerable attention to the ways in which new technologies are affecting the practice of banking, the nature of money, and the tasks of policymakers. It is also the first and only text on the market to offer a fully-integrated program of accompanying online resources and multimedia tools that enhance a student's study of money and banking.

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