Обложка книги Negotiate This!: By Caring, But Not T-H-A-T Much

Negotiate This!: By Caring, But Not T-H-A-T Much

ISBN: 0446696447;
Издательство: Warner Business Books
Страниц: 400
Формат: 150x230

With his extensive negotiating experience and unique presentation style, Herb Cohen is internationally renowned as someone who can quickly grasp both sides of an issue and get the most for his client out of a difficult negotiation. His advice? Simple, says Herb, I carebut not that much! In NEGOTIATE THIS!buoyed by his signature humorous and self-deprecating styleHerb Cohen explains how readers can learn powerful yet subtle negotiating ploys to help them in their businesses, careers, and even family relationships. As Herb says, Negotiation is the game of life.

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