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Organizations Evolving


ISBN: 1412910471;
Издательство: Sage Publications Ltd
Страниц: 344

"Howard Aldrich and Martin Ruef’s tour de force shows us how the evolutionary approach can explain change not only in organizational populations, but within sectors and within organizations. Aldrich and Ruef display an astonishing command of the management literature, using vivid illustrations from cutting edge research to show how the processes of variation, selection, retention, and struggle operate within organizations and across them. A lucid and engaging book that should appeal both to the newcomer to organization theory and to the old pro." - Frank Dobbin, Harvard University A keenly anticipated Second Edition of an award winning classic, Organizations Evolving presents a sophisticated evolutionary view of key organizational paradigms that will give readers a unified understanding of modern organizations. This Second Edition is up-to-date in its survey of the literature, as well as an...

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